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Atom Tab Switching

There has been a long debate around tab switching in Atom. I prefer MRU order. I matches my intuition. Unfortunately for me, this is not the way Atom works by default. Luckily, as with most things in Atom, it can be changed.

I installed the package tab-swicher. Tab-switcher tries to be non-intrusive so it uses other key bindings than ctrl-tab/ctrl-shift-tab for switching. To override the default behaviour I added the following to my keymap.cson file:

 'ctrl-tab ^ctrl': 'unset!'
 'ctrl-tab': 'tab-switcher:next'
 'ctrl-shift-tab ^ctrl': 'unset!'
 'ctrl-shift-tab': 'tab-switcher:previous'

That is all. Now I can switch between tabs without confusion and frustration. Happy days.

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