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Geoserver: Consume WFS service using Carmenta Engine

In the previous post we used the Carmenta WMS layer to consume the layer we published from geoserver. WMS is a standard for loading images. This is simple but sometimes not good enough. Sometimes, we need the actual features from the dataset; can be for further processing or maybe to take advantage of visualization strength on the client side. In any case, this is what WFS promises to solve. Both Carmenta and Geoserver supports WFS as well so lets have a go.

Carmenta provides the OgcWfsDataSet that enables loading from a WFS service. The dataset will then act as a feature producer in the operator chain, just like any other dataset in Carmenta Engine.


We need to specify the url property along with the typeNames.


The typeNames matches the layer name. We cannot use the group layer since that does not expose the WFS interface ?but we have to use one of the concrete layers. In my case I selected the lowest level of detail.

When we run this configuration in Carmenta explorer the result looks like below.


Not much different at the surface but we can use fiddler to take a look under the covers. Here is the list of requests.


And if we select one the details gives that it is not images that are sent over the wire, but structured geographical objects.


Objects that then can be rendered or analyzed using the tools provided by Carmenta.

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