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Geoserver: Consume WMS layer using Carmenta Engine

In the previous post we created (and published) a layer group for the countries data in the natural earth dataset. Geoserver is now able to expose this layer through a WMS interface and we can use any standard compatible client to load and present the data from this service. In this case we will use Carmenta Engine.

Using Carmenta Studio we can create the following simple configuration:


The OgcWmsLayer component is the Carmenta way of connecting to the geoserver WMS interface. We need to set the url parameter to specify to location of the service (localhost:8080), the workspace (test) and the interface (wms) resulting in http://localhost:8080/geoserver/test/wms. We can also set the actual layer we want to use to avoid loading all layers in the test workspace. A number of different options is available but no more is required.


Loading the configuration into Carmenta explorer reveals a satisfying result.


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