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Fractal rendering using distance estimation

Continuing my little exploration of the fractal world I tried out rendering using distance estimation (DEM) which is different from the more common escape time algorithm. One advantage of DEM is that it reduces noise close to the set border. DEM techniques seems more common when rendering fractals of higher dimensions though.

More information on DEM can be found here:

Of course, a note about fractals is not complete without some pictures. So… here we go.

image image

Code at bitbucket. As usual.

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More fractals (nothing new, please move on…)

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Blog tip: Jeremy Kun, Math ∩ Programming

I follow Jeremy Kuns blog. It requires some effort, and a lot of things pass above my head, but at times it is good to have some brain exercise… 🙂

I like his introduction to complex numbers.

After having read it I wrote my own Javascript Mandelbrot renderer. Just for fun… and because Mandelbrot sets are beautiful.


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Psychedelic rendering of flocking behavior

I got an odd idea. Since the flocking behavior (previous post) generates a dynamic point cloud – could it possibly generate a nice psychedelic effect if rendered as a voronoi diagram? I updated the code and this was the result.

Flocking and voronoi rendering
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