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Seq.split in F#

I wanted to split a list into sub-lists given some kind of separator. For example, I wanted:

[1;4;5;0;0;7;9;1;0;3;0;0;0;9] to be split by the zero markers into [[1;4;5];[7;9;1];[3];[9]]

I could not find anything in the standard F# libraries. I found this snippet:

let split (selector:’a->bool) (source:seq<‘a>) :seq<seq<‘a>>=
  let i = ref 0
  |> Seq.groupBy (fun elem -> if selector elem then incr i
  |> Seq.map snd

which is interesting but it produces (ignoring the difference between seq and list):


which was not exactly what I wanted. Like regex split i did not want to keep the split symbols. Also I think groupBy adds unnecessary performance overhead.

After a bit of fiddling I came up with this:

let split (pred : ‘a -> bool) (source : seq<‘a>) : seq<list<‘a>> =
    seq {
        let cur = ref (new List<_>())
        for elem in source do
            if pred elem then
                if cur.Value.Count > 0 then
                    yield Seq.toList(cur.Value)

Are there better ways? Clearer? With better performance? More functional in style?

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