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Pet projects

A glimpse of two old pet projects of mine. I have not paid attention to them in a couple of months which, most likely, means that they have died. I guess this post is a way to give them an honorable death… Smile


This project is a WPF application for word (or tag) cloud generation. It was a fun way to learn to know expression blend better. Since I liked the way it turned out I spent quite some time with it – not only digging into expression blend but also optimizing the layout algorithm. This version is actually using the graphics card for fast intersection testing. The project is clearly exceptional compared to my normal pet projects considering the quality and degree of refinement. I even wrote an installation program which was a pain since the application includes SlimDX.

Cloudy demo usage


This project is an XNA game with physics simulation, which is empowered by the excellent  library Farseer Physics Engine, and particle effects (such as explosion) using the Mercury Particle Engine. I really enjoyed using XNA, Farseer and Mercury. Unfortunately, I am not an experienced game designer and that becomes embarrassingly clear in most of my game attempts. Smile with tongue out

Amazed game play
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