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Scripting Carmenta Engine 5 – Part 3

Carmenta Engine 5 configuration files (.px) are normally produced using Carmenta Studio. The interested user might have peeked into the file and found out that the objects are serialized to an xml dialect heavily influenced by XAML. This, of course, can be utilized in scripts. For example, assume we want to define an UTM10 coordinate reference system suitable for the lake tahoe sample data.

$snippet = [Carmenta.Engine.Configuration]::FromString(@”
    <Configuration Version=”″ Namespace=”snippet” xmlns=”
      <Crs Name=”Nad27LakeTahoeUtm10N” Public=”true” Projection=”{ResourceReference Predefined=true,Value=Projections.Utm10N}”>
          <GeodeticDatum Ellipsoid=”{ResourceReference Predefined=true,Value=Ellipsoids.Clarke1866}”>
              <HelmertDatumShift DX=”-15.853″ DY=”148.791″ DZ=”188.423″/>


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